Tips on How to Prevent Hair Color Fading

Coloring or dying your hair is a common practice for men and women alike. Dying your hair leaves it looking bright and vibrant after it is first colored; however, after a month or so it fades to a much duller color. While there is no shortage of glamorous hair dyes from which you can choose, make sure you pick the correct type of hair color for your desired look. Hair color ranges from temporary to permanent. You can check out our article entitled, “The Different Types of Hair Color“, to help you choose the right type of hair color.

If you have already dyed your hair and want to keep it vibrant, check out these tips to prevent your hair color fading too soon:

Don’t Wash Too Often

A lot of us like to wash our hair several times a week, but washing too often is not good for color-treated hair. Less is best! Every time your hair gets wet, especially red hair color, you will lose some of your color down the drain. Try buns or dry shampoos when your hair is too oily.

Choose Your Conditioners and Shampoo Carefully

There are conditioners and shampoo made specifically for color treated hair. Opt for them. They have specific ingredients and polymers to protect the hair and prevent the color from fading too quickly. Something you also may want to consider are color sealers. They can be used after shampooing to seal the color in and hydrate the hair.

Rinse with Cool Water

Hot water will strip the color right out of your hair. Hot or warm water opens the cuticle and the color embedded in your strand will escape. Use lukewarm or cool water when rinsing your hair. Cold water closes the hair cuticle and keeps the color in

Avoid Chlorine

Swimming is great exercise, but the chemicals widely used in pools (i.e. chlorine), can be harsh on color-treated hair. Opt for a swim cap to avoid hair color from being stripped out. You can also leave a little conditioner in your hair as a protective layer before covering your tresses with the swim cap.

Use Semi-permanents

Applying permanent hair color over permanent hair can be damaging and something we do not recommend. Apply semi-permanent color on permanently dyed hair to refresh dull color. Only apply permanent hair dye to the roots or uncolored hair.

Remember, do not color too frequently. The standard on coloring hair is every four to six weeks. If you can stretch the timeframe out for a few more weeks, do so. Healthy hair is what is most important.

Did you dye your hair recently? Share your pictures with us. Also share some of your tips on preventing hair color fading. We’d love to hear from you.


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