UPDATE: Summer Hair Challenge 2019 – My Experience

hair challenge 2019


Over the summer, we had a summer hair challenge. These growth challenges are fun, so we plan to have them every year.

The Summer Hair Challenge 2019 ended last month, and here is the run-down of how my experience went.

As a reminder, from June to August, here were the rules:

The Rules

  • Take a daily vitamin or hair and nails supplement (check with your doctor first)   –> Win
  • Limit heat usage –> Fail
  • Utilize more protect styles (buns, updos, etc.) –> Fail
  • Deep condition every time you clean your hair –> Win
  • Drink water daily –> Win
  • Intake more fresh fruits and vegetables  –> Win
  • Exercise daily for at least for 30 minutes –> Fail

My Experience

My overall experience was positive. I took a daily biotin capsule, deep conditioning weekly (every time I cleansed my hair), and ate more fruit and vegetables. These rules were a big win for me over the summer. It came naturally, and I truly believed it help my hair growth.

I didn’t limit my heat use as much as I liked. This rule was a fail for me. I am open to trying heatless or less-heat styling options going forward. The autumn and winter months are approaching. During the colder months, my hair doesn’t revert as much so a little heat will go a long way.

We tout protective styles a lot on LengthyHair.com and I still believe they are generally good. However, I had a bad experience with a protective style over the summer.

Long story short — I got feed-in cornrows with individual braids in the back at a local African braiding salon. Braiding hair was added. It cost me a total of $200. Despite the price, I ended up taking the style down in two weeks due to scalp dryness and irritation. I was concerned with the health of my hair the whole time. My hair felt a bit thin when I took the style down and ended up needing to cut off two inches. Protective style….big fail…. 🙁

And finally, I did not exercise 30 minutes a day. Health is essential, and this is not an excuse, but I got busy with work. I plan to this part of my lifestyle first going forward.


The Summer Hair Challenge 2019 was fun and a learning experience for me. Although I had a big fail at protective styling, which caused a two-inch setback, I also retain the growth of two inches.

I now will focus on putting my health first by exercising more daily and trying out new hairstyles that require little to no heat.

How did your experience go? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Hair Growing!

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