Use Your Car Recirculation Button

recirculation buttonWe spend countless minutes styling our hair and getting it perfect. Each hairstyle should last throughout the day. The thought of frizz, tangles, and limp hair is a no-no since we want to look our best. A tip to lessen a hair disaster while commuting on rainy, humid days involves using the recirculation button. The recirculation button may not be utilize by most people, but it has an important purpose. Its purpose is to restrict outside air from entering the car. It can be used to cool or heat your car faster, but if it is raining or humidity is present in the atmosphere, use the button to prevent moisture from entering your car while you drive. You will be able to recognize the recirculation button by looking for an image of a car and an arrow representing air only moving inside of a symbolic car. Try it and let us know how if it works for you.

Have a beautiful hair day!


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