Water is Essential for Healthy, Lengthy Hair

water is essentialWater (H2O) isn’t just what makes life possible in the universe, it is fundamental to growing healthy, lengthy hair. Growing up you may have been told to avoid the rain like you were Superman and it was kryptonite. And you may have worn a multitude of shower caps in the shower to stave off the stream of water. Perhaps you drink mostly soda and avoid water due to the tastelessness.

Don’t Fear Water

We want you to know that your hard work to avoid H2O isn’t necessary. By all means, bring your umbrella if a downpour is anticipated. Wear a shower cap if you don’t plan to get your hair wet while bathing. Drink a soda or glass of juice once in a while. Just know, like a plant needs H2O to grow and thrive so does our hair – both internally and externally.

Ultimate Moisture

Water is the ultimate source for moisture and very few ingredients come close to mimicking its benefits. Look at any deep conditioner or rinse out conditioner. You should find water as the first ingredient. In the United States, ingredients are listed in descending order of predominance. In other words, the first ingredient is what a product is mostly made of. Water is the most important ingredient to quench thirsty tresses and usually the largest content of most conditioners.

This is also why hair steamers are popular. Combining water in the form of steam and a deep conditioner to your hair regimen will make your hair very soft and moisturized.

Internally, make sure you drink enough water to avoid dehydration. We don’t want to recommend any amounts to drink since everyone is different, but here is a general tip: you are getting enough water if your urine is a pale yellow or almost clear.

Remember water is essential!

Dryness = Breakage

Going weeks without deep conditioning or drinking enough water will rob your hair of moisture. People with curly, dry hair are especially vulnerable and cannot afford to lack hydration. Dryness will give way to breakage. Like a dehydrated plant’s leaves, delicate hair strands will break off easily with the slightest form of manipulation. Causing your dreams of lengthy hair to be just that….a dream.

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