Ways to Tell You’re Reaching Your Lengthy Hair Goal

Each inch of hair growth is a celebration! As you start growing lengthy hair, you will start to notice different happenings and changes in behaviors from loved ones and strangers. Your behavior will also change to adapt to your lengthy flowing locks.

Here are a few milestones you may experience:

– You go through bottles of conditioner very quickly.

– When wearing your hair down, the hair at the nape of your neck tangles and dreds during the day.

– You find shed hairs everywhere (e.g. in bed, on clothes, the bathroom floor, in the car). Yuck!

– It becomes a daily battle to keep your entire head of hair detangled (opt for protective styling).

– Wearing a seatbelt becomes uncomfortable (Despite being uncomfortable, please make sure you ALWAYS wear a seatbelt properly).

– Whenever you cuddle with your significant other, you have to tell them they are pulling your hair.

– You hair start tickling your lower back. You may become frightened with the thought of something crawling on you.

– Your hair may get stuck in the car door!

– Eating food becomes more difficult.

– And the oddest part of having lengthy hair is….people may start questioning you about your ethnicity. You may hear questions like, “Are you part Asian?” or “Are you part Native American?” People have an odd concept of believing only certain ethnicities can grow very long hair. Not true.

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