What are Single Strand Knots?

single strand knots
A single strand knot under a microscope.

Single strand knots are the bane of lengthy hair existence.

These little annoying knots usually appear on a single strand of hair (see above picture) and generally towards the end. Some people have nicknamed them as fairy knots because the knots are so small it is as if itty-bitty fairies twisted and knotted them.

How to Avoid Single Strand Knots

If you have many single strand knots throughout your hair, they can make cause hair have a rough appearance. Also you lose a bit of length due to the hair twisting and knotting on itself.

Avoid them at all costs by utilizing these tips:

  • Avoid hairstyles that promote tangling and hair twisting on itself.
  • Keep your ends moisturized and oiled.
  • Braid the length of your hair at night. A single braid will do the trick!
  • Trim with sharp shears as needed.

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