What is Hair Shrinkage?

hair shrinkageUgh…shrinkage. No, we aren’t talking about X-rated topics. We are talking about hair! 

Due to the unique nature of hair shrinkage, our wavy, curly, and coily haired followers may feel discouraged at times because they can’t see their length without manipulating it.

But don’t be discouraged by shrinkage! Hair shrinkage can be awe-inspiring once you understand and embrace it.

Shrinkage Defined

Despite shrinkage varying among different hair textures, the idea of shrinkage remains the same. It describes the hidden length of natural hair.

The hair types affected by shrinkage the most usually ranges between type 3a to 4c. And in some cases, the hair can shrink as much as 50 – 75% the length.

For example, a person with a beautiful 4c texture could technically have waist length hair when straightened, but in its natural state, especially after being cleansed, it will shrink and hover around the neck.

Tips on Hair Shrinkage

Again, if you are experiencing shrinkage with your hair, don’t be disheartened. Your hair is most likely retaining growth.

We want first to assure you that shrinkage is a good sign. Not only does it mean your hair has elasticity, it means your hair is healthy.

Elasticity is the feeling you get when you unravel your curls and coils, and it springs and bounces right back in shape. Hair damaged by heat or chemicals will lack elasticity and be at risk of breakage and dryness.

So, when you are not embracing the magical superpowers of your shrinkage, you can utilize a variety of styling techniques to showcase your length. If you want to avoid heat, we suggest twist outs, braid outs, or roller sets. HHG!

Would you like to share how you combat hair shrinkage? Please let us know in the comments.

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