Why We Are In Love With Lilla Rose?

Lilla RoseWhen we say we have tried almost every hair product and tool on the market, we are not kidding. Many years ago we had the honor to purchase and try an amazing new product called the Flexi-8. In 2014, Flexi-8 became Lilla Rose. Their products are still awesome and selling around the world!

For the holidays this year,  I decided to purchase a few goodies from Lilla Rose. You can also make a purchase from Lilla Rose. Please check out our post on Black Friday 2018 Promo Codes for more details.

The Purchase

Lilla Rose is like jewelry for the hair. And who doesn’t love pinning their hair back for a new look? I bought a few of their hair pins and I must say they are absolutely beautiful in person.

North Star, Mix Pair ($10.50 USD)

Lilla Rose

Open Flower,  Pair ($7.00 USD)

Lilla Rose

A few medium flexis were also purchased. For an every day look with a touch of elegance, I bought Belle ($19.20 USD).

Lilla Rose

And the showstopper, without a shadow of a doubt, is Adora! This beauty was purchased for $22.50 (USD). It will look gorgeous in my hair for the upcoming holiday parties. I am sure I will get many compliments from my family, friends, and coworkers.

Lilla Rose

Why Lilla Rose Is Special?

You will not find anything close to the flexi clip on the market. I just can’t get over how slipping the flexi clip into my hair instantly adds glamour to my tresses while avoiding hair breakage. Not to mention, the flexi clip ranges in size from XXS to XXL. So all hair textures can benefit.

Video credit:  Lilla Rose  |   Youtube

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