Windy Days and Hair Tangling

What does riding in a convertible and a windy day have in common?

Tangled Hair

windy days and hair tangling

On television commercials and music videos, wind blowing in your hair looks great! It can even be sexy, but it is not healthy for your hair, windy days and hair tangling do not mix. A two minutes session of your hair blowing wildly can cost you a long detangling session later.

windy days and hair tangling

Whether you are taking a stroll on a windy day or riding in a convertible, make sure you secure your hair in a protective style. A chic bun or braided ponytail will do the trick. A hat may work if you are walking on a windy day, but you could lose it in a convertible.

Remember if you are good to your hair, it will be good to you!

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