Hair Terms

hair termsAre you confused about what a hair term means? Have no fear! We have compiled a list of hair terms commonly used to describe hair and techniques you may encounter on your hair growth journey.

If you would like to add to our list, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Hair Terms:

  • HHG  means Happy Hair Growing
  • NL means Neck length
  • SL means Shoulder length
  • APL means Arm-pit length
  • BS means Bra-strap length
  • MBL mean Middle-back length
  • WL means Waist length
  • HL means Hip length
  • Protective Hair Style refers to hairstyles worn with the intent to protect or hide the ends of the hair. The ends are never exposed to climatic elements and limits frequent manipulation. These hairstyles promote retention of hair growth. Ex. Braids, buns, french rolls, etc.
  • Trim means to cut an inch or less of hair off the ends
  • Cut means to cut more than an inch of hair off the ends
  • Twisting (rope braid) refers to dividing a section of hair into two pieces. Then twist each section around itself in the same direction (clockwise or counterclockwise), securing the ends by either twisting hair around the finger or secure with a roller.
  • Braiding refers to dividing a section of hair into three pieces. Then interweave each section around itself down to the ends. Depending on your hair texture, you can either secure with a seamless hair tie, roller, or leave alone.
  • Lengthy hair means long hair
  • Low manipulation means handling your hair is kept to a minimum.
  • Co-wash means washing your hair with just conditioner.
  • Slip is a term used to describe the ease of detangling with conditioner or oil; friction is reduced among the strands, and a detangling tool (e.g., wide tooth comb) moves through the strands with relative ease.
  • EVOO means extra virgin olive oil
  • Heat damage is a term used when the natural-state of your hair is physically altered due to using too much heat from hair styling tools.
  • Heat Protectant is a term for a product used before heat styling to protect strands from getting damaged and appearing dull over time.
  • A lob is a longer length bob
  • Balayage is a  coloring technique involving hand-painting highlights onto the hair for a natural look
  • TWA means teeny weeny afro
  • Hair dusting is a term describing a hair cutting technique designed to remove individual damaged ends throughout the hair in small amounts.
  • Hairexia is a term used to describe feeling down about your hair. For example, during your hair journey, you may feel your hair is too thin, too short, or not meeting your standards of beauty.
  • Shrinkage is a term used to describe a visual decrease in the appearance of a head of hair.
  • Pre-poo is a term used to describe the process of saturating your hair with oil prior to shampooing to encourage moisturize retention.
  • Product-Junkie is a term used to describe someone who loves to buy hair products for their hair, especially when a new one comes out.

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