Need a New Gel? Try Eco Styler Gel

Are you searching for a new hair gel? Eco Styler Gel is a product you should consider.

Eco Styler Gel For the purpose of this review, we used the Eco Styler Gel -Krystal Clear on damp transitioning hair. The model has about 5 inches of natural 3c hair and about 8 inches of straightened hair.

The hair was placed in a bun. We noticed the natural hair had shine after gently brushing with a boar bristle brush. The waves were defined. The straightened hair also shined and stayed soft. The style stayed in place – good hold. The model mentioned that her hair did not feel weighed down or coated.

With the hot months approaching, the model felt this gel would help her maintain her styles.

The Pros of the Eco Styler Gel

  • Did not experience flaking.
  • Maximum hold to ensure the hairstyle stays put.
  • Inexpensive and comes in a big jar ( 16 or 32 oz).
  • Works well for any texture.
  • Comes in various types (i.e. Krystal Clear, Olive oil, Coconut, Black Castor, Moraccan Argan, etc.).


  • The gel has been known to break in shipping and the gel can spill.
  • If you use too much, you can get crunchy hair.


We would give this product a 8/10. The product did not dry out our model’s hair. Gave her hair shine and the hold she desired. We are fans of the relatively low cost. We enjoy natural products, but we did not have any issues with the ingredients considering it is a gel. If you want a more natural gel, consider aloe vera gel.

Have you tried Eco Styler Gel? What are your thoughts?

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