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Let’s Talk about Biotin (Vitamin H)

vitamin h

Have you ever experienced hair loss or hair thinning? It was not a good experience, was it? Hair loss or thinning can happen for many reasons, but have you ever considered a vitamin deficiency?

Although biotin deficiencies are rare, they can happen, but have no fear! If you are deficient in vitamin H, you can turn your hair troubles around thanks to biotin!

So what is biotin? How much do you need? Where can it be found? And how can biotin help with hair growth? To get answers to these questions, read on!
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How to Get Heatless Curls

heatless curlsAlthough most people use curling irons and blow dryers to curl their hair, heat tools can damage your hair making it look rough and frizzy. There are a few methods you can use to curl your hair without heat. Pick which method works best for your length, texture, hair color, and face shape. Put down the heat and start rocking heatless curls!
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Five Different Styles For Hair Bangs (Fringe)

hair bangsIt is not technically official, but hair bangs are back with a massive bang! Also known as a fringe, hair bangs can enhance virtually any face shape — if worn correctly — and are extremely popular with celebrities. They are normally cut fairly straight around the eyebrows, but there are several ways to modify them. Here are five different styles for hair bangs to try out. Continue reading Five Different Styles For Hair Bangs (Fringe)

March 2018 Promo Codes

March 2018 Promo CodesHi Beautiful,

Today is not only Good Friday but it is a wonderful day to save some coins on our favorite hair products with March 2018 promo codes.
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