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Happy Ending for ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’

Gorilla Glue Girl

We are relieved Tessica Brown, also known as “Gorilla Glue Girl,” is having a happy ending to her hairy predicament. We’ve been following her viral story for the past several days with curious eyes like most of you. If you don’t know who Gorilla Glue Girl is, you must have been hiding under a rock. Don’t worry. We will get you up to speed in this post. Continue reading Happy Ending for ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’

Don’t Neglect Your Tresses While Sick

Neglect Your Tresses While SickI started to feel ill on January 30th. My throat was sore and inflamed. After conducting a morning meeting and walking back to my desk, the symptoms began to overwhelm me suddenly. First, the hot flashes and cold chills came. Despite setting my space heater to the highest setting, I could not feel the heat. Then the dizziness came. I could barely walk down the hall to use the restroom. I am sure many of you can relate to my experience. However, no matter what is going with your life, please don’t neglect your tresses while sick. Continue reading Don’t Neglect Your Tresses While Sick

The Sylver2 Method for Wrapping Hair Up

Sylver2 MethodA long time ago, I was a paid member of a popular hair forum focused on women of color. I have nothing but appreciation for that forum as it taught me a lot about healthy hair practices. There were many rock stars and lengthy hair ladies on that platform, but Sylver2 was among my top favorites. Despite us never speaking, she was the first person who helped me with my dilemma of wrapping my hair up at night. A decade later, I still use her method every night. Continue reading The Sylver2 Method for Wrapping Hair Up

Does Velcro Damage Hair? Here’s What You Need to Know

velcro rollers

Velcro is found on many items that we use every day, including items that can come into direct contact with our hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy, you might be wondering if the hook and loop fastener can harm your hair. Of course, entanglement should be your biggest concern, but what about other side effects of using velcro near or even in your hair?

In this post, we’ll discuss a few common items that include velcro and why you’ll want to reconsider using them near your hair.
Continue reading Does Velcro Damage Hair? Here’s What You Need to Know