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UPDATE: Summer Hair Challenge 2019 – My Experience

hair challenge 2019


Over the summer, we had a summer hair challenge. These growth challenges are fun, so we plan to have them every year.

The Summer Hair Challenge 2019 ended last month, and here is the run-down of how my experience went.

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We Are Loving These Processing Caps!

processing capsAs you may know by now, we are lovers of masks and deep conditioners at!

If you didn’t read our post entitled, Why Conditioner Should Be Your Best Friend? Please check it out.

And nothing goes better with creamy, moisturizing, and strengthening masks and deep conditioners than hair processing caps.

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Summer Hair Challenge 2019

Summer Hair Challenge 2019
Vacationing in Honolulu, Hawaii! | © Meme Hurley 2019

Please read LengthyHairChica’s experience on the Summer Hair Challenge 2019 here.

Aloha Friends,

We took the month of May off for a much-needed vacation! But don’t fear, while we were relaxing on sandy beaches in tropical destinations, we were protective styling the whole time. Continue reading Summer Hair Challenge 2019

How to Get Heatless Curls

heatless curlsAlthough most people use curling irons and blow dryers to curl their hair, heat tools can damage your hair making it look rough and frizzy. There are a few methods you can use to curl your hair without heat. Pick which method works best for your length, texture, hair color, and face shape. Put down the heat and start rocking heatless curls!
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