Broken Combs and Missing Brush Bristles Will Sabotage

broken combBroken combs and missing brush bristles will sabotage your hair goals. It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Like unkempt nails, broken combs and brushes will cause breakage and pull healthy hair strands out of the scalp. If you are serious about growing your tresses long, then your first goal should be keeping each strand of hair on your head for as long as possible.

Flinched At the Pain

Yesterday while perusing Youtube, a staff member at came across a video of a man with long hair painfully brushing his hair. His hair was slightly passed arm-pit length (APL) and thin on the ends. He acknowledged he was detangling his hair incorrectly by brushing from scalp to ends. Yet, it did not deter him from stopping. He flinched at the pain due to knots and possibly yanking strands out. It was was painful to watch. Half-way through his personal torture session, he showed his grooming tool – a brush with broken bristles! And the most disturbing part – it was filled with hair!

Do Yourself A Favor

It is impossible to know if the hair in his broken brush was from natural shedding  or breakage. But his anguished face may suggest the latter. Let his bad experience be a reminder. Do yourself a favor: throw out your broken combs and brushes. Always purchase a new one when they break. Also, opt for a wide tooth comb for detangling. It is not worth the pain and set back of your hair goals. Your hair strands will thank you!

2 thoughts on “Broken Combs and Missing Brush Bristles Will Sabotage”

  1. He he, I will honestly admit that I have some combs at home that look something like that. It’s my lazy butt that can’t go around throwing them and purchasing new ones! Now that you guys mentioned it, I’ll have to really make a move and buy new ones now. I didn’t know how bad it would hurt my hair. I am super enjoying the hair care tips you guys have been sharing. 🙂

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