Five Hair Myths Debunked

hair mythsFrom our mothers to magazines, people are constantly telling us the dos and don’ts of haircare. But not all advice is good advice.

Here are some hair myths we have debunked:

Myth: Switching hair products all the time is good for one’s hair.

This is one of the hair myths that seems to have been created by marketers. Hair doesn’t build up a tolerance to hair care products, which are not drugs. Finding a good product and sticking with it makes much more sense, making this one of the most cost-effective hair myths debunked.

Myth: One hundred brush strokes a day makes hair healthy and shiny.

Too much brushing is actually bad for a person’s hair. Brushing puts a lot of strain on hair. Even though a certain amount of brushing is necessary for the sake of styling hair, it’s actually a good idea to keep it to a minimum (low manipulation).

Myth: Hair products can fix split ends.

The only cure for split ends is a trim. Hair products might prevent future split ends, but they’re not going to do anything for the split ends that are already present. The best hair products might minimize the appearance of split ends, but really nothing is going to be able to beat a simple and effective trim.

Myth: Trimming your hair regularly will make it grow more quickly.

On average, hair grows at a rate of a half inch every month. Regular trims may improve the quality of a person’s hair, but they’re not going to make it grow even a half an inch faster. Naturally, even if this was the case, it’s possible that all of the regular trims would cancel out most of the growth in the first place. This is an odd myth indeed.

Myth: Plucking out gray hairs causes the appearance of more gray hairs.

This myth almost seems superstitious. It’s based on the idea that people can’t fight the onset of gray hairs no matter how much they try. However, it’s still not a great idea to compulsively pluck out gray hairs. People can actually damage their scalp through compulsive hair plucking, affecting the future volume and health of their hair in the process. It’s better to either use coloration to fight gray hair, or just accept that gray hair can be lovely too.

Would you like to share a hair myth not mentioned above? Let us know in the comments.

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