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My 2020 Lengthy Hair Goals

2020 Lengthy Hair GoalsI am so blessed to see 2020, and I want this year to be the most successful year on my hair journey. I strongly believe this will be the year I reach hip-length! I have never reached hip-length before, so this will be exciting. Below is how I plan to reach my 2020 lengthy hair goals. Continue reading My 2020 Lengthy Hair Goals

Let’s Talk Hair Retention

hair retention“My hair isn’t growing!” We hear it from our subscribers all of the time. But unless you have a medical issue, your hair is indeed growing. The reason why your hair isn’t flowing down your back is due to a failure of hair retention. Continue reading Let’s Talk Hair Retention

Five Hair Myths Debunked

hair mythsFrom our mothers to magazines, people are constantly telling us the dos and don’ts of haircare. But not all advice is good advice.

Here are some hair myths we have debunked:

Myth: Switching hair products all the time is good for one’s hair.

This is one of the hair myths that seems to have been created by marketers. Hair doesn’t build up a tolerance to hair care products, which are not drugs. Finding a good product and sticking with it makes much more sense, making this one of the most cost-effective hair myths debunked.
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Sectioning Hair

Sometimes we can overcomplicate our haircare routine.

sectioning hairOne of the biggest mistakes you can do is not section the hair. Sectioning hair makes hairstyling easy because you work with one section at a time. Whatever you do, don’t try to style (i.e. blow dry, flat iron, twist, braid) all of your hair at once, especially if you have thick or long hair. You will overwhelm yourself.

Start small.
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