How Fast Does Hair Grow?

fast does hair grow

How fast does hair grow?

Hair growth vary from individual to individual. On average, human hair grows about six inches a year or about ½ inch a month.

If your hair is straight or wavy, you will be able to see your hair growth fairly easy.

People with curlier textures may have a harder time seeing their growth. It depends on the texture. Curly hair tends to spiral on itself and “shrink” when in its natural state. However, rest assure, your hair is growing too. It may be easier to see the growth if you stretch your curls out with your fingers or by utilizing various styling methods (i.e. braiding, twisting, flat-ironing, etc.).

The real question shouldn’t be how fast does hair grow, but how can I retain my hair growth.

This website will help you answer this important question over time. Stay tuned…

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