My Favorite Electric Pressing Comb

electric pressing combGrowing up, I did not have a relaxer. I was a press and curl girl! My mother would faithfully take me to an old-school hair salon for seven years for a shampoo, deep condition, blow-dry, press with a marcel pressing comb, and curl with marcel curling irons. My hair always looked lovely, but the high heat took a toll on my hair strands, primarily due to the thermal stove’s uncontrollable temperature. Luckily, over the years, hair tools, including pressing combs, have advanced. You do not need to use a thermal stove anymore; an electric pressing comb will do!

Hunting for the Right Electric Pressing Comb

I now use a tourmaline ceramic flat iron with an adjustable temperature setting when I want to opt for a sleek look. The three layers of baked ceramic plates infused with tourmaline give my delicate tresses even heat distribution, which is essential! Yet, I noticed my hairline and roots needed more. It was challenging to straighten the small hairs around my hairline and my roots in the denser areas of my head.

Remembering the sleek look of my youth, I started searching online for an electric pressing comb. I found an off-brand electric pressing comb on Amazon. After carefully reviewing the listing, I purchased it because it has three temperature settings (high, medium, and low), heats quickly, and seemed to get the job done based on the reviews. I paid $25.43 ($23.99 + $1.44 for tax) for it.

Since using the electric pressing comb, I have had no issues. My small hairs and thick roots are finally sleek like the rest of my hair. My careful use of the pressing comb hasn’t caused any breakage or damage. It is now a go-to item in my hair regimen when I choose to straighten my hair.

Friendly Reminder for Using Heat

Like with all heating tools, less is best. I don’t use heat often or use the electric pressing comb on my entire head of hair — only to touch up small areas. I discourage running the pressing comb through the length of the hair. Using a heat protectant is strongly recommended. 

Do you use an electric pressing comb? Let us know your experience in the comments.

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