Neglecting Your Hair Goals For a Hairstyle

hairstylePopular hairstyles come and go, but healthy, lengthy hair takes commitment.

In the 20s, women in the western world wore chin-length bobs. The 60s, big hair with curls a la Jackie Kennedy was admired, while in the 70s, people rocked afros and curly perms.

There is always a popular hairstyle trending. You can have fun, but stay focus. Don’t neglect your lengthy goals for the latest trend.

For example, there has been a recent hairstyle consisting of shaved sides on a woman. So a woman could be bald on the left side and have long hair on the right or vice versa. When the hairstyle made its debut, it was deemed edgy and a bit shocking. People were not accustomed to see a woman sporting shave sides. However, as more celebrities adopted the hairstyle, the shock factor wane. Now it is not shocking to see a woman in your grocery store wearing this look. Albeit the look is not edgy anymore.

 Women who started wearing this look now have to wait to grow their hair back or opt for cutting their longer side. Growing bangs out sound less agonizing.

The example given is a dramatic example of how you can get distracted at attaining your lengthy hair goals. You should have fun with your hair, but remember the importance of its health and length. Opt for experimenting with curls and braiding techniques to add edge without sacrificing progress.


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