Product Review: Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Line

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Line

We have heard rave reviews about Carol’s Daughter for years but never had an opportunity to try them. This past week, we decided to purchase from their entire Black Vanilla line, which included the shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. We are always looking for moisturizing hair products to help with length retention. Please keep reading to hear about our authentic experience and our decision whether to purchase again.

The Shampoo

The shampoo is called Luscious Moisture. We paid $12.66 for a bottle. On the bottle, it says the shampoo is a “moisture & shine system” and is “for dry, dull [and] brittle hair.” It also states that it does not contain “sulfates, parabens, and artificial colors.” All of these descriptions are music to our ears and made us eager to start shampooing. 

The color of the shampoo is a dark caramel color and reminded us of the color of tea. The shampoo has a low viscosity. During the shampoo process, the vanilla smelled decadent and soothing. Our model felt relaxed. We focused the shampoo on the scalp but noticed it did not strip the hair of its natural oils. The scalp and hair felt clean after two rounds of shampoo.

Conditioner and Deep Conditioner

Next, we opted to use the conditioner called Luscious Moisture. We paid $10.97 for a bottle and $12.66 for a jar of the deep conditioner (called Deep Conditioning Hair Smoothie). The conditioner is cream colored and had an expected higher viscosity than the shampoo. The yummy vanilla scent matched the scent of the shampoo. The conditioner was moisturizing and gave us a decent amount of slip.

The deep conditioner was the same color as the conditioner but had a thicker consistency, which was expected. It also had the same scent. We applied it after shampooing and conditioning and left it on for about an hour (you know how we operate). It gave us plenty of slip. We enjoyed the deep conditioner a lot, but wish the jar size was bigger. It comes in 8 ounces.

Next, we tried the leave-in conditioner (the Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner). It cost $10.97. We sprayed it liberally all over but paid particular attention to our ends.  Once the blowdrying started the model and stylist brought it to our attention that the hair felt stiff as if hair spray was applied. They were right. We don’t know what caused the stiffness, but her hair was not soft, which is unusual. Was it caused by an ingredient like the soy protein? We don’t know, but we were disappointed.

Will We Purchase It Again?

Overall, we enjoyed Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla line and would re-purchase everything except the leave-in conditioner. We don’t consider it inexpensive, but it is reasonably priced. It did give the hair moisture and shine. As you all know, we are lovers of deep conditioner. We enjoyed the smooth deep conditioner but wished the jar were bigger. Depending on your length and texture, you should get at least two applications. 

Have you tried Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla line? Let us know in the comments.

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