Hair Beauty Hack: Petroleum Jelly

petroleum jellyThere are many ways to use petroleum jelly in hair care. In fact, it is a secret beauty hack. The following are three ways you can turn the petroleum jelly sitting idle in your medicine cabinet into a hair beauty hack:

Protect Your Skin from Hair Dye

Hair dye is incredibly hard on the skin. If you are getting your hair colored at a salon, they should use it to line your forehead and all around your ears. You don’t want any facial skin to come into contact with it. The same goes for when you dye your hair at home. Make sure that you do this step before you start to dye your hair. You will find that the dye rinses off much easier afterwards and you don’t risk damage to your skin while it sits on it.

Making Pin Curls

A lot of women love to have pin curls. They were popular in the 40’s, and still are great to have now. When you do one, just apply the petroleum jelly to the small section you are working on. This will really only work for tips of hair, so don’t do an entire head of pin curls. The follow with a hair spray. Your curl will stay in place and you will get a lot of compliments.

For Split Ends

Petroleum jelly is a wonderful treatment for split ends. There’s nothing you can do after you have a split other than cut it off. But if you are worried about prevention, putting a small amount of this substance on your hair after styling will help it to stay intact. Be careful though that you are done with styling until your next wash. Any sort of oil will fry the hair if you apply heat to it. The petroleum jelly on your hair’s ends with help the ends stay stronger. And, it’s cheaper than a $25 split end serum.

Check out some more petroleum jelly hacks in the below video.

Video credit: BRIGHT SIDE | Youtube

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