Hair Tip: Avoid Heat Damage

heat damageWho doesn’t like changing their look from time to time? Straight hair today and a loosely curled look tomorrow. We all love having options. Despite the latest trends, when choosing a new look, we must be leery of our heat usage. At all costs, we must avoid heat damage so our tresses stay healthy.

What is Heat Damage?

Heat damage is when the natural-state of your hair is physically altered due to using too much heat from hair styling tools. For example, if you have naturally curly hair, but straighten your hair daily (a big no-no), you may notice your curls loosen over time. In the shower, your curls may not spring up but instead stay straight or limp. This is a classic case of heat damage.

This is not our picture, but an example of heat damage to naturally curly hair. We have seen worse cases than this.

Less is Best

So when opting to use heat to change your look – less is best! Go for styles that can be air dried or require indirect heat like rollersets. Also pay attention to the temperature dial. Turn it down to the lowest you can go. There is little need to have it on the maximum setting. Also be sure to avoid going over a section of hair too many times.

Here at, we receive many emails from our supporters. One person mentioned how her entire bangs was completely burned off as a youth by using a marcel curling iron. Marcel irons are usually heated by a stove and do not have a temperature dial. The person admitted they were inexperienced, and the iron was left on too long. Thankfully her hair grew back. But her story is very common and many can relate to making a similar error.


Once your hair is heat-damaged, despite what others may say, there isn’t a lot you can do to repair it. Deep conditioning your hair may help, especially with a protein conditioner. However, in many cases, the hair may need to be cut. So use heat with caution.

We suggest the following five tips:

  • Use heat sparingly
  • Always prep the hair with a quality heat protectant
  • Deep condition often
  • Do not go over the same section multiple times
  • Use the lowest setting

And always, do what is best to grow your hair as healthy and as lengthy as possible.


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