Hair Tips: Working Out in the Summer

working outWhen the temperatures start to rise,  you may want to start venturing outside to workout. But before you step outside and work up a good sweat jogging, cycling, and playing sports, make sure your hair is fully detangled, secured in a workout hairstyle, and protected from the elements.

Detangle Before Working Out

It is vital for you to detangle your hair prior to working out. If your hair is tangled and you start sweating profusely during your workout, your hair may start to knot and mat! Trust us. Detangling large masses of hair after a good workout will not only be frustrating, but it can be detrimental to your lengthy hair goals. Fatigue and the required patience of your precious strands do not mix. Prevent breakage from occurring by detangling and donning a workout hairstyle.

Workout Hairstyles

working outWorkout hairstyles will help you to prevent unnecessary tangling.

Our favorite is the braided ponytail (see picture on the right). Simply make a ponytail at the crown of your hair. Secure with an elastic hair tie. Plait down the length of the hair and secure the ends with another elastic hair tie.

This is a quick hairstyle and it is off the neck so sweating should not be a large concern.

If your hair is shorter and you cannot secure your hair in a bun or ponytail, then just make sure your hair is properly detangled prior to working out.

We have listed some other hairstyles in a post called Five Gym Hairstyles. Please check them out for more ideas.

Hat is Optional

Hats can be your best friend when working out, especially if you are in a wooded area. Our favorite style is the baseball hat. In the United States, tick bites are increasing due to outside activities. A hat will help you cover your hair from bugs and falling debris from trees.

After a vigorous workout, most people will opt to wash their hair. If your hair is oily and sweaty, we recommend you to wash with a moisturizing shampoo or co-wash. But everyone’s needs are different. At minimum, we strongly urge everyone to inspect your hair, scalp, and body when you come inside. This simple step could save your life.

Remember these tips and have fun working out. Working out is great for your overall health and is effective at promoting hair growth. HHG!

So what is your favorite workout hairstyles? Let us know in the comments.

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