Joico Color Intensity Semi Permanent Creme Hair Color Review

Joico Color Intensity Semi Permanent Creme Hair ColorDoes your old hair color look dull? Do you need a new semi permanent hair color to revitalize your hair? Looking for a hair color to be gentle on your precious strands?

Check out our Joico Color Intensity Semi Permanent Creme Hair Color review.

The Claim

According to Joico’s official website, the Joico Color Intensity Semi Permanent Creme Hair Color consists of the following,

  • Over-the-top vibrancy that lasts through 15 shampoos

  • Packed with award-winning K-PAK’s powerful Quadramine Complex® for guaranteed healthier hair after every color service

  • Ultra nourishing Kukui Nut Oil helps leave hair gorgeously conditioned + ampsup shine

  • 20 intermixable shades = endless creative possibilities

The sky is the limit when it pertains to their hair colors. Some of the fun colors we spotted were: Red, Black Pearl, Mermaid Blue, Amethyst Purple, Peacock Green, Titanium and Hot Pink.

How to Apply

You are supposed to apply the hair color to clean, dry hair ¼ inch from the scalp while wearing gloves to avoid staining. Process for 20 minutes. Then rinse well for several minutes, rinsing different colors separately. Followed by shampooing and/or conditioning.

Our Experience

During our review, we used a model with dark naturally curly hair. About six inches of her ends were previously dyed years ago and lifted with L’Oreal Excellence Haircolor.

Her ends were brassy and dull in appearance. She wanted to revitalized the red hair color on her ends, tint her naturally dark  hair with the red hue, and add shine.

We used the color red and followed the above directions, but added a little conditioner to the dye to help smooth it on. We also left it on for longer than 20 minutes as some of the model’s hair was virgin and not porous. Remember, semi permanent hair color is not as damaging as demi permanent or permanent hair color.

The Results

We were pleased with results. The model’s hair had a subtle dark red hue on the ends when we finished styling her hair. The color became more brilliant outdoors. The dye took well even to her virgin hair strands.

The model has since washed her hair and stated her red color is bleeding a pinkish color when she gets out of the shower. She reports the color is still present, but believes fading has occurred. When asked what she liked the most about Joico Color Intensity Semi Permanent Creme Hair Color, she stated it was the shine it gave her.  When asked if she would use it again, she said she would use it again and recommended it to the others.

We plan to follow her progress and will update this post if anything changes. We also plan to see how effective the dye is without adding conditioner.

Pictures of the model’s hair are forthcoming.

If you have tried Joico Color Intensity Semi Permanent Creme Hair Color, please let us know about your experience in the comments. If you have not tried it, try it and let us know what you think.

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