L’Oreal HiColor Red HiLights Review

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L’Oreal HiColor Red HiLights Permanent Creme Hair Color is the latest in L’Oreal’s line of hair coloring products. It is specially formulated for a single application on dark hair.

The Product

L’Oreal HiColor Red HiLights Permanent Creme Hair Color is a thick creme available in three long-lasting colors — magenta, red, and copper — designed with ease of use in mind. It costs about $5 – $7 USD per tube. In order to color your hair, the creme will need to be mixed with a developer (1:2), then applied to the hair for 30 minutes. Heat and pre-lightening is not necessary. L’Oreal claims that the creme will lift hair three levels without the need to bleach or use other lightening method. This is a welcome relief to those who have damaged their hair with bleach in the past.

L'Oreal HiColor Red HiLightsThe Pros

This inexpensive highlighting creme works best on untreated, non-dyed hair. The product is easy to use and it only takes a short amount of time to add even red highlights to dark hair. After we experimented with the dye, we experienced little to no damage to the hair. No brassiness was detected. There was a small amount of dryness but a couple deep conditioning treatments fixed it. Overall, the hair was beautiful burgundy color (we used magenta) on our model’s natural black hair indoors, and a brilliant red outdoors.

The Cons

The drawbacks to this product are relatively minor. The color may fade depending on how you take care of the color. The addition of an after color sealer may help slow fading. Most people will find that the color will bleed in the shower weeks after coloring, but it does seem to be relatively fade resistant. We did not experience staining to clothes, but the color did leave minor stains on the floor so be sure to place old towels down. In addition, you will need to supply your own application tools. This will include an applicator brush, developer, measuring cup, gloves, and a bowl.

In conclusion, the latest offering from L’Oreal is a simple, cost-effective way to add red highlights to dark hair. We recommend it. When purchasing, keep in mind that one tube is appropriate for short pixie-length hair. We suggest you get two boxes for hair longer than shoulder length.

If decide to try it, let us know your experience in the comments.

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