The Comb-Chase Method

comb-chase methodYou may have heard of the comb-chase method. If you haven’t, then you have come to the right place. The comb-chase method is a method used to give your hair a straighter appearance when you flatiron. This method is essential for people with naturally coily, curly, and wavy hair.

What you will need:

Before you begin using the comb-chase method, you should make sure your hair is detangled. Knots and snarls will only leave to breakage if they are not properly taken care of before using this method. Check out our post on detangling.

If your hair is detangled, take a small section of hair. Secure the rest of your hair in a hair clip to keep it out of the way. Use your dominant hand to hold the flatiron. In the other hand, hold the comb. Starting near the roots, position the flatiron to straighten, but slide the comb in front of the flatiron. Gently take your time moving the comb in front of the flatiron in a smooth, synced motion down the length of your hair.  Don’t go too fast or too slow. When you reach the end, you should have a silky straight section of hair.

Helpful tip: Consider using carbon combs. They will not melt due to the heat of the flatiron.

Silkier Hair

When you are finished, you will notice there is a big difference between flat ironing hair with the comb-chase method as opposed to not using it. Hair tends to be silkier and smoother using this method. Why? The comb separates the hair strands evenly, so the heat is distributed evenly.

If you noticed any breakage, you might want to switch to a comb with wider spaces between the teeth. Some hairs will shed out with this method as hair naturally sheds and you are reaching all of the strands.

And remember…’practice makes perfect’. The more you practice this technique, the easier it will be. Consider trying this method before turning on the flatiron for a few tries.

Have you used the comb-chase method before? Let us know in the comments.

Check the below video to see the comb-chase method in action:

Video credit: Janay Mickles | Youtube

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      Thank you for your comment. You first should try to figure out what is causing the thinning. For example, is it a medical issue (internally) or is it due to external factors (i.e. combing/brushing, chemicals, etc.)? If you can’t find out what is causing the thinning, please seek a medical professional like a dermatologist. In the meantime, try not to manipulate your hair too much and try out deep conditioners. Please see for more info.

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