15 Things Only Lengthy Haired People Will Understand

lengthy haired people will understandLook — we love lengthy hair! Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a LengthyHair.com.

There is a misconception that once you reach your lengthy hair goals, your hair problems cease, but that is not the case. People with long hair struggle too. They may look beautiful and even desirable with their long tresses, but there is a fight that goes on day-to-day to keep it that way.
The following are 15 things only lengthy haired people will understand:

Your Drain Will Get Clogged

Have you ever took a shower and discovered the water is up past your ankles? You probably had a clogged drain. Hair shed from washing and detangling hair adds up. So, if you want to avoid fighting that little furball, get a drain trap.

You Live on Dry Shampoo

This one is for our straight-hair pals. Straight hair can get oily fast! The debate on whether dry shampoo is good for your hair is arguable, but it can be a go-to when you want to look presentable on days you don’t have time for a blow dry.

Need a new dry shampoo? Consider Batiste Dry Shampoo.

Hair Ties are Your Friends

Same thing here—when you don’t have time to wash, hair ties are your friends. These handy little guys are awesome for protective hairstyles like buns too.

You Can’t Just Use A Boar Hair Brush

Your friends might be raving about their latest boar hair brush, but a boar hair brush will barely touch your tangled tresses. You know better! You opt for a wide tooth comb, Tangle Teezer®, or use your fingers when it comes to detangling.

Scissor-Happy Stylists Scare You

We all have hair horror stories. As a child, you may have had an embarrassing haircut. Now, you can’t stand it if a hair stylist or loved cuts more than half an inch off your hair unnecessarily. We work hard for every inch! No need to lose our growth from scissor-happy folks.

Your Friends Are Envious

Hair growth is variable from person to person. Friends and even strangers who have difficulty growing their tresses may become envious. Be prepared to have endless conversations about how you’re so lucky to have long hair. Don’t get annoyed, tell them to visit LengthyHair.com!

You Might be Hiding Behind it

People with full faces are often encouraged to have longer hair. You might have long hair, but a lot of issues with the width of your face. It’s a never-ending cycle of using your hair as camouflage.

People Always Want To Touch Your Hair

You might be a germaphobe or refuse to even touch your hair during the day due to the oils. That doesn’t mean other people understand that you don’t want your hair touched. Get ready to nicely decline folks.

It Doesn’t Mean You’re More Creative with Your Hair

A lot of people think you can do many updos and hairstyles with long hair. It’s true, but that doesn’t mean you have the time or creativity in the morning to do any.

You Spend a Lot on Hair Products

Are you a hair product junkie yet? It takes more product to condition, shampoo, heat protect, etc. your hair. So, of course, you spend more on your hair than your counterparts.

It Takes More Time Than You Think To Grow Your Hair

You haven’t cut your hair in ages. That’s because you know it will take years to grow your hair back long. So there is no turning back now.

It Doesn’t Make You Naturally More Attractive

A lot of people think they will get more dates if they had long hair. People with long hair know that is not the case. People are attracted to others for a plethora of reasons; hair length alone will not secure your next date.

Your Shed Hair Gets Everywhere

Get ready for shed hair! The average human sheds up to 100 hair strands a day. People around you will find your hair everywhere. Don’t worry it is natural.

Your Hair Will Get Tangled in Necklaces

Most people don’t understand why you may choose your jewelry based on whether it will tangle with your hair, but other lengthy-haired folks will. The nape area is very susceptible to tangling when your hair is longer so be careful.

You Avoid Knots Like the Plague

Just like the kid with gum stuck in their hair, knots matted beyond repair will need to be cut out. It is imperative to avoid knots like the plague and detangle as needed.

Would you like to add to our list? Let us know in the comments. HHG.

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  1. For real my hair is always getting everywhere. My roommates hate it but I really can’t help it at all. The only reason long hair is more noticeable when it sheds is that the strands themselves are longer, and in my case, dark.

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