Heat Styling and Your Hair

HeatHeat styling.

It consists of temporarily changing the texture of a person’s hair via a hair appliance (i.e. going from curly hair to straight hair and vice versa).

Some examples of hair appliances are: blow dryers, hair straighteners/ flat irons, hot rollers, pressing combs, and overhead dryers.

Heat styling can be subdivided into two broad categories: direct and indirect.

Direct heat is when you directly apply heat to your strands. Sandy using a blow dryer after rinsing out conditioner would be an example. Indirect heat is when you indirectly apply heat to your strands. Sandy sitting under an overhead dryer after roller setting her hair is an example.

Many people will argue using heat appliances indirectly is better for your hair. Why? Over time directly applying heat appliances may cause damage to your strands. Your hair may become more susceptible to split ends, breakage, and weakening. Over time you may need to trim more than usual. While on the other hand, indirectly applying a heat appliance (i.e. overhead dryer) will dry all of your hair at once instead of focusing on one section. Hair is less susceptible to damage over time.

Whether you opt to use direct or indirect heat, it is best to use it sparingly. Instead of flat ironing every day, try flat ironing once every two weeks. Never use a hair appliance on dirty hair and opt for a heat protectant prior to styling. Deep conditioning will aid in keeping hair strands strong and moisturized when using any type of heat. When possible, try skipping heat altogether and consider air drying to give your strands a break.

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