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What is Hair Dusting?

hair dustingWhen you hear the term dusting, your mind may conjure up images of a maid using a feather duster to dust off various pieces of furniture. But did you know the term dusting also refers to a beauty term called hair dusting.
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New Year Hair Goals

hair goalsHappy New Year!

It is a new year and time to set new hair goals.

How much progress did you make last year? Did you reach shoulder length, arm pit length, bra-strap length or beyond?

Congrats on your progress. Now let’s start working on our next hair goal. We always suggest starting the new year with a trim. Then you may want to opt for a nice protective style (i.e. bun). Continue reading New Year Hair Goals

Hair Tip: Hair and Cold Weather

hair and cold weatherThe cold is here. The fall season began on September 22, 2015 in the Northern Hemisphere and winter is fast-approaching. Usually we remember to add more layers to our body to keep warm, but we often forget how our hair and cold weather don’t mix. Our hair needs extra pampering in the colder months.

It is best to avoid allowing your hair to sweep around on fabrics such as wool and cotton. These fabrics keep us cozy when the temperature drops, but they can be harsh on our hair. They can strip the natural oils in our hair and dry out it out, especially on the ends and nape. Also breakage is likely to occur when these fabrics pull at individual strands.
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Hot Summer Hairstyle: See What These Four Celebs Just Did!

hairstyleAre you searching for a little summer inspiration for your ‘do? Looking for the perfect summer hairstyle can be a challenge. Check out the latest in celebrity hairstyles to get a few ideas!

Katie Holmes: The Bob

The bob wasn’t really an acceptable hair fashion for women until the 1920s, when stars like Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore tested style with their short locks.
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