Product Review: ArtNaturals Detangling Hair Brush

ArtNaturals Detangling Hair BrushSo most of you know we are huge fans of the Tangle Teezer.

The idea of using a brush with short plastic bristles may sound scary, but it is a brilliant concept.From experience, the Tangle Teezer has worked beautifully when detangling hair, especially if it is thick or curly.

When we stumbled across the ArtNaturals Detangling Hair Brush on Amazon, we had to try it. After all, it had a handle, which we desperately wanted our current Tangle Teezer to have. This review is based on using the ArtNaturals Detangling Hair Brush for two months.

ArtNaturals Detangling Hair Brush Features

According to their Amazon description, the ArtNaturals Detangling Hair brush has numerous features:

The curved handle and bristles are ergonomically designed to work easily with your natural brushing motion. Soft, gentle cone-shaped bristles massage the scalp while they effortlessly separate hair in a unique sideways motion. This process means no more tugging or pulling hair. The separating motion results in silky, smooth, tangle-free hair-and an incredibly clean brush. No tufts or clumps of hair to dig out. Perfect for men, women and kids, the brushes are ideal for all hair types-thick, thin, curly or straight.

All of these features were desirable to us. Hence our purchase with our own money.


We found many pros regarding the ArtNaturals Detangling Hair brush:

  • Detangles hair gently and quickly.
  • It is small and compact, which is ideal for traveling.
  • Works for all hair types.
  • Highly affordable as you receive two brushes for less than 8 USD!
  • Easy handling due to the handle.


The only con we found was the slight inability to fully remove all of the shed hair from the brush. This is the same con we experienced with the Tangle Teezer. The bulk of hair was easily removed after detangling, but a few rogue hair strands were still trapped by the many teeth.

Cheaper Alternative?

We will always love the Tangle Teezer, but this brush is a cheaper alternative. One of our cons regarding the Tangle Teezer was its cost. Per their official website, the original Tangle Teezer costs 12 USD. That is for one brush. This brand offers two brushes for 8 USD!

If you dread detangling your hair, you have to try these great hair tools. You can find both of them on Amazon. If you are looking for something affordable and with a handle, try the ArtNaturals Detangling Hair Brush. If you are brand loyal, stick with the Tangle Teezer. Both are great, but you must discover which one works best for your hair.

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5 thoughts on “Product Review: ArtNaturals Detangling Hair Brush”

  1. My hair isn’t very problematic when it comes to detangling, but I know someone who’d definitely benefit from this! Ha ha, I am so glad I was able to come by this post as this would really useful for my friend. She has lengthy hair. I’d recommend her to buy this and I’m sure she’d be happy to have a good solution to her long standing detangling problem!

  2. I have always used the Wet Brush as my hair gets very easily tangled in the summer, especially after swimming. However, it still does pull at my hair and take out more strands when I’m brushing than I think it should. I’ll have to give this one a try!

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