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Best Protective Hairstyle During the Pandemic

protective hairstyle

The pandemic surpassed the one-year mark last month in the United States. Like some of you, we have been working full-time at home. Just because we are home and not going into the office, that doesn’t mean we can neglect our lovely tresses. For the most part, I have been keeping up with my hair regimen. However, I have been protective styling even more. At the moment, my favorite protective hairstyle at the moment is the bun – the braided bun in particular! Continue reading Best Protective Hairstyle During the Pandemic

What are Single Strand Knots?

single strand knots
A single strand knot under a microscope.

Single strand knots are the bane of lengthy hair existence.

These little annoying knots usually appear on a single strand of hair (see above picture) and generally towards the end. Some people have nicknamed them as fairy knots because the knots are so small it is as if itty-bitty fairies twisted and knotted them.
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