To Detangle in the Shower…

detangling in showerTo detangle in the shower or not to detangle in the shower? That is the question.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to detangling in the shower. Some people swear by it, while others will adamantly label it as a no-no.

No Two Heads of Hair Are The Same does not take a stance on this issue as there are too many factor involved and no two heads of hair are the same. Your hair length, texture, and thickness will all play a role.

If you have straight hair and it tangles minimally, detangling in the shower might be a breeze! However, someone with thick tightly curled hair may find detangling outside of the shower with a spray bottle more effective.

Water is Your Friend

With that being said, the pressure of the water in the shower,  a great conditioner with slip, and working in sections will make detangling easier.

No matter what method you use make sure you go slow and have patience. Water is your friend. The liberal use of water will always trump detangling on dry hair.

P.S. If you do detangle in the shower invest in a hair-catcher for the drainClogged drains are a headache.

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