Using Hair Rollers to Maintain Curls

Big, bouncy curls will never go out of style.

If you were lucky to be born with a headful of curls, then you may not have trouble maintaining curly locks. However, the rest of us have to put in a little time and effort.

One way to achieve curls is to use hair rollers (also called curlers). They come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Our favorite hair rollers are the snap-on magnetic rollers and flexi-rods.

Snap-on magnetic rollers are very versatile. These hair rollers are hard, comes with a clip to keep the roller in place, and made of a plastic material. They can be used to air dry and curl your hair via a roller set or maintain curls created with a curling iron. Sure, they can be a bit of pain to sleep in. You may have to find a good position to sleep with them in.  However, your hair style will be lovely and precisely the way you intended it to be when the alarm clock beeps!

hair rollers

We also recommend flexi-rods. Flexi-rods are soft, flexible hair rollers. They can bend and twist in any direction. They don’t have clips, you just grab a section of hair, twirl the hair around the flexi-rod and bend it into shape to keep the rod in place. These hair rollers can also be used for roller setting or maintaining already curled hair. Sleeping in these rollers are a breeze too – soft as a pillow.

With any roller, remember this golden rule: The more rollers you use, the tighter and smaller the curls. The less rollers you use, the loose and bigger the curl.

Everyone’s hair texture is different so experiment. You may find a roller not mentioned in this post you like. As long as you utilize rollers as a tool to not use heat to obtain curls is what matters most. Less Heat = Length Retention. Happy Curling!

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